Giordano Hasn’t Forgive you Schumi

Hey Schumi! Just because big brother gave you a hug in Valencia doesn’t mean anything. You are still not welcome in the House of Domenicali. My house that is.

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Schumi That Traitor!


I can’t believe it! I don’t agree at all with the stupid “investigation” results from Montreal. Schumi got away with hitting my dear nephew! Felipe would have gotten some points if not for the stupid traitor. You’re not welcome in my house anymore Schumi.

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Don’t Be A Bully!

What’s going on? Tell Giordano, I want to know too! Is it a secret?

What did you tell him Big Brother?! You’re making him cry… don’t bully others. It’s a lesson from mama, don’t forget it!

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It Should Have Been Red Bull Instead

WHAT IS THIS? It should be RED BULL in the shop window, not Ferrari! I can’t believe this. How can they advertise sales like this?! So cheap the Ferrari crashes? Solde.. whatever! UNBELIEVEABLE.

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The Journey to Ferrari (teaser)

Parking is impossible, so I took the train to downtown.

Hi there, I’m Giordano Domenicali. Are you surprised by my cute looks? I bet you can’t tell how old I am. 🙂

The train is dirty so I sit in this Marc by Marc Jacobs bag…

More to come. I can’t wait to post the rest of my trip photos!

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Congrats Dear Nephew Felipe!

I’m so happy for nephew Felipe, he will remain at Ferrari until 2012!!! I just KNEW big brother Steffy would protect his son. I don’t understand why people doubted it.

My favorite quotes from the news:

Felipe: Throughout my entire Formula 1 career, I have always raced with an engine made in Maranello and it is a matter of pride for me to be able to continue working with a team that I regard as a second family.

AWWW! Me too Felipe baby! Uncle Giordano loves you too!

Big brother Steffy: Felipe has been part of Ferrari for almost a decade and together with us, he has grown as a driver and as a man, going through some very difficult times as well as giving us moments of great happiness. We wanted to show proof of stability for the future, believing in the worth of a driver pairing that is without equal in terms of talent, speed and its ability to work together for the good of the team.

That’s right! I am so glad that big brother is saying such things to the press. It will put Felipe at ease too. I’m not so sure about the second part though… I worry about the step-brother relationship a lot. But I will always support my Felipe before Fernando. BELIEVE IN ME FELIPE!

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Trip to Ferrari Store

I went to the Ferrari store yesterday. It’s supposed to be one of the biggest ones. I was disappointed that despite the size, it was lacking in merchandise. On top of that, there is more ALONSO merchandise than MASSA merchandise. How is that possible? Is it because he is team leader? Felipe baby you better push hard to win the WDC so you can have more merchandise displayed in the store!!!

Anyway, there were about five to seven employees staffing the store… it was a bit excessive. Were they trying to emulate the Ferrari garage or something? Photos are not allowed in the store…but I had some secretly taken (will upload later. I hope I haven’t been banned from the store or anything. Don’t they know I’m GIORDANO DOMENICALI?!

Things I overheard in the store:
Woman: “So this is the 2007 car? You mean they build a new car EVERY YEAR?”
Man: “No, they build a new one every race!”

Stupid person: “I think the Red Bull gear looks better.”

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